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Cash Management

Cash Management Services

Cash Management Services

What are Cash Disbursement Services?

Here at PKF Shiodome Partners, we offer convenient cash disbursement services for clients who want hassle-free, timely payments made to creditors, employees, social insurance, and tax obligations without the overhead of an internal accounts payable department. Most clients prefer to include this popular option with our standard accounting services because of the added savings from reduced internal expenses, as well as the improved financial control that comes with guaranteed accuracy and timeliness of payment transactions.

We offer cash management services for the following:

• Administration of payments to Vendors
• Administration of payments to Employees
• Disbursement of social insurance, labor insurance
• Tax, Withholding tax disbursement services

The benefits go beyond the advantage of convenience

While convenience is definitely a benefit in of itself (since time is money), there are other reasons why cash disbursement services are more practical and cost effective. Other advantages include:

• Full administration services for your bank account
• Confidence that your payments are timely and in order, especially if you operate your Japanese Entity from overseas or are often out of the country
• Enhanced control over date of payments to employees and creditors
• No more lost time lining up at the bank
• Accurate processing of your Japanese invoices
• Reduced operating expenses, rendering in-house Account Payables as unnecessary

In addition, if you need to hold any bills or have special instructions, you can always count on us to carry out your instructions to your specifications.

Expert professional service you can afford

PKF Shiodome Partners is one of the leading providers of corporate accounting services in the metropolitan Tokyo area. 

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If you would like more information about our cash management services, or if you are seeking professional assistance for your company’s accounting, we can help. To schedule a consultation, you can contact us at [email protected] or call our office at 81-3-6228-4162. If you prefer, you can also submit a Contact Request Form at your convenience.

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