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Social Insurance Services

Social Insurance

When hiring employees or incorporating a business, all Japanese companies must enroll into the social insurance and labor insurance benefits system.

What is Social Insurance and Labor Insurance?

(1) Social Insurance

Social Insurance (社会保険-shakai-hoken) can include payments for Health Insurance, Pension, Nursing, & Child Care benefits. Health and Pension benefits are paid in by both the employer and employee; Child Care is paid exclusively by the company, while Nursing insurance is paid in by the employer and employee if the employee is between 40 to 65 years old.

(2) Labor Insurance

Labor Insurance (労働保険 -roudo-hoken) is separate from social insurance, and consists of unemployment insurance and accident compensation insurance. Labor insurance is not applicable to the directors of the company, however. Labor insurance premiums, which are based on the labor insurance premium annual report, are paid by the company before July 10th for the current period from April to March.

Additional employment related services

Our certified Social insurance and Labor insurance agents will handle all of the initial enrollment procedures, including the monthly and annual calculations. As a certified labor office, we can also assist you with recruitment for your business. Our services include:

• Initial registration & enrollment of new employees
• Social Insurance & Labor monthly calculations and reporting
• Processing (disbursement) of social insurance payments
• Assistance with Admission/ Withdrawals from the benefits program
• Applications for government subsidies
• Social and labor insurance procedures
• Workplace labor compliance

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